What Are the Best BMX Bikes Under $300? (What to Expect Within This Price Range)

Looking for a BMX bike but with a budget in mind? In this article, we listed our top BMX bike picks sold under $300, giving you a quality build that won’t fail you (and your pocket).

But first, you may want to look at the key features and what to expect from a BMX bike within this price range.

Key Features to Look for in a BMX Bike Under $300

Since affordable BMX bikes in the market are generally marketed for newbies, here are the most important features you’ll need to consider before buying one:

Frame material

BMX has a reputation for taking a lot of abuse from various styles of riding. As a result, choosing a BMX bike with a sturdy frame material is critical. The bike’s durability will be significantly influenced by the materials used. Steel is the most cost-effective material for the frame, although aluminum is also ideal for reducing weight. On the other hand, a high-tensile steel frame should be a solid option, especially when you have a budget in mind.

Wheel size

If the wheel size isn’t correct, your ride might be a complete disaster. We recommend using more aggressive tires with higher traction on more challenging routes. A BMX bike with a 20-inch or 24-inch wheel size is recommended for adults (or teens).

Brake system

You’ll find a braking system on each bike you pick. As a result, buying an alloy U-brake system is advised since it is more effective than a cantilever system.


And finally, you shouldn’t miss the importance of a BMX bike’s weight. When executing air stunts, the weight of your BMX bike influences how easily it can be raised and handled.

10 Best Budget-Friendly BMX Bikes (Everything Under $300)

1. Mongoose Legion L16 Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike – Best Overall

Mongoose Legion L16 Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike
Editor’s Rating:  
4.9 rating


  • Frame material:: Durable hi-ten steel frame, BMX freestyle geometry
  • Dimension: : 23.62 x 8.66 x 48.82 inches
  • Wheel size: : 16 inches
  • Brake system: : Aluminum U-brake
  • Weight: : 26.46 lbs. (12 kg.)

Mongoose doesn’t need to be introduced. In fact, it’s one of the recognized BMX bikes manufacturers that cater to entry-level beginner bikes that are best for kids, teens, and adults. Mongoose Legion L16 Freestyle Sidewalk BMX bike model is a surefire way to help you ride your very first BMX bike. Thanks to its range of reliable, safe, and rigid specs.

Despite its low price, Mongoose Legion L16 won’t fail you. You’ll get light and responsive features, letting you control your BMX bike ride with full confidence. As for the saddle and grips, they’re comfortable enough without any issues at all. The high-tensile steel handlebar and aluminum U-brake are combined with a 40-mm stem, giving you a maximized steering performance. Finally, Mongoose L16 offers a safe and durable grip with its single wall 28H rims and 2.3-inch BMX tires.


  • Perfect for kids
  • Reliable and sturdy frame material
  • Low price for an excellent BMX bike


  • Some customers find the BMX bike hard to assemble

2. Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike – Best for Beginners

Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike
Editor’s Rating:  
4.8 rating


  • Frame material: : Durable hi-ten steel frame, BMX freestyle geometry
  • Dimension: : 48 x 21 x 8 inches
  • Wheel size:: 20 inches
  • Brake system: : Steel U-brake system
  • Weight: : 32 lbs. (14.5 kg.)

Seems like Mongoose is a strong contender in manufacturing budget- and beginner-friendly BMX bikes in the market today. Another cheap BMX bike is the Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX bike, featuring a rigid and sturdy frame that lets you enjoy off-road racing or terrain adventures. It possesses the endurance and performance to make its riders race-winning prospects. This may also enhance your chances of succeeding for its ability to accelerate and decelerate fast.

What’s more, Mongoose Legion Mag implements a cable detangler. This just means you can perform a 360-degree handle bar spin trick with the BMX bike. It also encompasses basic single-speed riding, cast aluminum mag wheels, and 40x16T gearing with 170-mm cranks. Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy a responsive speed-changing capability for a smoother and confident ride. After all, it’s all about your skills and performance.


  • The frame material can handle harsh weather conditions
  • Incorporates material responsiveness
  • The wheels and gears are secured
  • Great for teens and adults


  • Assembling the Legion Mag is somewhat difficult

3. Jet Yoof BMX Bike – Best for Small Riders

Jet Yoof BMX Bike
Editor’s Rating:  
4.7 rating


  • Frame material: : Hi-ten steel frame
  • Dimension: : Not mentioned
  • Wheel size: : 20 inches
  • Brake system: : Welded U-brake
  • Weight: : 23.38 lbs. (10.6 kg.)

Another BMX bike sold under $300 but still gives you a stable and confident ride is the Jet Yoof. Jet manufactures and designs affordable BMX bikes that are advertised for newbies, teens, and adults. As such, the Jet Yoof has everything you need to kickstart your journey towards experiencing the fun and adventurous rides with a BMX bike.

The safety features of this BMX bike are what make it so appealing. As a result, unlike some of the other low-cost bikes on the market, the Jet Yoof will not stifle your progress with performing easy stunts. It highlights a full-sized bike but with a shorter top tube that definitely caters to smaller riders. Dedicated as a freestyle BMX bike, it comes with Innova 2.0” front and rear tires, added with stainless spokes for more confident riding.


  • A fantastic all-rounder that can be used for any style of riding
  • One of the most cost-effective 20″ wheel bikes on the market


  • Not great for taller riders

4. Kink Curb BMX Bike 2021 – Best for Adventure-Style Ride

Kink Curb BMX Bike 2021
Editor’s Rating:  
4.6 rating


  • Frame material: : Hi-ten steel frame
  • Dimension: : Not mentioned
  • Wheel size: : 20 inches
  • Brake system: : Welded Mission Cease V2
  • Weight: : 27 lbs. (12.2 kg.)

Another fantastic way to enjoy BMX bike riding without the price tag is with the Kink Curb BMX bike 2021 model. Customers who already have this BMX bike assert it’s one of the most considerable adventure-dedicated bicycles out there that’s cheap. You’ll also get to choose from Kink Curb’s available unique colors: Matte Dusk Black, Matte Orange Flake, Gloss Smoked Fuchsia, and Gloss Ocean Gray.

Regardless of the color chosen, you’ll get a fantastic bike that features a rigid high-tensile steel frame, fork, and bars. As for the brake system, the Kink Curb 2021 has a welded Mission Cease V2, where everything you’ll need to install brakes on your bike is included. In terms of quality, the Kink Curb BMX bike 2021 still delivers. Yet, they’re not great for professional-level riders since the BMX bike is initially intended for newbies or those just trying out whether they’d like the BMX sport or not.


  • Perfect for those who want to try how a BMX bike works
  • Lets you performing simple stunts, like barspins, hops, and feebles


  • Not ideal if you’re into mid- to pro-level tricks, like big 360 spins, drops, and flips

5. Hyper Spinner 20-Inch BMX Bike – The Best Value BMX Bike

Hyper Spinner 20-Inch BMX Bike
Editor’s Rating:  
4.5 rating


  • Frame material: : Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Dimension: : 56.3 x 37.79 x 27.16 inches
  • Wheel size: : 20 inches
  • Brake system: : V-brake (direct/linear pull)
  • Weight: : 41 lbs. (18.6 kg.)

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the Hyper Spinner BMX bike’s sturdy and rigid frame construction, definitely giving you a long and confident ride. Despite its low price, you’ll be impressed with the Hyper Spinner’s front caliper and V-brakes. These feats give you an edge over other competitors since the front and rear hand brakes are safe and responsive. It encompasses a full 360-degree handlebar rotation.

It has a premium cushioned seat, gripped handlebars, and standard pedals, all designed with your comfort in mind. This BMX bike features a modern style with a sleek red and black design with highlights. The bike can be ridden on various surfaces, giving you the freedom to go wherever you choose. The Hyper Spinner BMX Bike will make your trips more fun, whether you’re trying out new tricks or going for a weekend ride!


  • Customers love how sturdy the frame material is used for the BMX bike
  • Gives riders a fast but smooth riding experience
  • Cool aesthetics for an edgy vibe


  • Makes a crack noise when pedaled, especially when new

6. Razor Nebula 20-Inch BMX Bike – Best for Freestyle Riders

Razor Nebula 20-Inch BMX Bike
Editor’s Rating:  
4.4 rating


  • Frame material: : Tig-welded steel frame
  • Dimension: : 17.72 x 2.87 x 8.86 inches
  • Wheel size: : 20 inches
  • Brake system: : Mechanical rim (caliper and linear system)
  • Weight: : 31 lbs. (14 kg.)

The Razor Nebula freestyle BMX bike is designed to provide everything you need to get started with freestyle riding at a low cost. In fact, for the money, it’s one of the most incredible single-speed BMX bikes with a 360-degree rotor. The front and rear brakes will provide rapid reaction braking. The tires feature a more profound profile and little tread, making them ideal for road and mud riding.

Additionally, the front and rear brake encompass a caliper and linear brake system, respectively, which gives you an assurance of impressive stopping power when needed. The Nebula’s display indicates that it is serious about its performance, combining traditional style with features often found on bikes in a higher price range. The alloy seat clamp, for example, will provide you with a smooth ride. Meanwhile, Nebula’s steel structure provides lots of stability and strength, allowing it to withstand extreme landings and collisions.


  • Perfect for kids, teens, and adults who want to experience BMX bike adventures
  • Lets you adjust the seat height effortlessly
  • Equipped with freestyle rotor


  • Heavier than any costly-made BMX bikes

7. Jet BMX Block Bike – Best for Racer-Style Riders

Jet BMX Block Bike
Editor’s Rating:  
4.3 rating


  • Frame material:: Hi-tensile steel frame
  • Dimension: : Not mentioned
  • Wheel size: : 20 inches
  • Brake system: : Welded U-brake system
  • Weight: : 25.4 lbs. (11.5 kg.)

If you’re looking for a much cooler, racer-type BMX bike, the Jet BMX Block bike model would give you a real deal. It also has a high-tension steel frame and fork, which improves performance while keeping you safe even while riding in the middle of nowhere. The looseball front hub and single-wall alloy front rim are two major premium features that cater to the BMX bike’s responsiveness.

You’ll also like the bike’s 3-piece Chromoly cranks, which improve handling. Meanwhile, the alloy top load stem, which increases the bike’s strength to new heights. Unlike other BMX bikes, the Jet Block BMX bike has a fully cushioned seat to keep you comfortable while doing various tricks!


  • Excellent companion for newbies in the field of BMX bike
  • Customers love its quality build despite the cheap cost
  • Nice frame and crank components


  • Package damage, for some

8. Elite 20-Inch Destro Model Freestyle BMX Bike – Best for Teens

Elite 20-Inch Destro Model Freestyle BMX Bike
Editor’s Rating:  
4.2 rating


  • Frame material:: Steel frame
  • Dimension: : 37 x 22.3 x 11 inches
  • Wheel size: : 20 inches
  • Brake system: : U-brake system
  • Weight: : 34.7 lbs. (15.7 kg.)

If you’re a freestyle rider, the Elite Destro BMX bike model could be a suitable choice. It has a steel-made fork component, as well as cro-mo 3-piece cranks with unsealed American BB. On the other hand, the frames are reinforced at areas where all of the impacts from executing stunts are removed.

Even though this Elite Destro model is a little heavier than you may think, it can nevertheless provide you with a pleasant ride. Meanwhile, the saddle is highly cushioned and embroidered with Elite BMX embroidery, so it should give extra comfort, especially while you’re practicing.


  • Straightforward and easy to assemble
  • The rainbow-colored theme of the bike adds to the aesthetics
  • Customers love its quality build


  • The seat cannot be adjusted

9. Elite BMX Bike Stealth 20-Inch – Best for Entry-Level Stunts

Elite BMX Bike Stealth 20-Inch
Editor’s Rating:  
4.1 rating


  • Frame material: : Hi-tensile steel frame
  • Dimension: : Not mentioned
  • Wheel size: : 20 inches
  • Brake system: : Alloy cease U-brake
  • Weight: : 29.2 lbs. (13.2 kg.)

The next bike on our list is likewise a member of the Elite BMX family. The Elite Stealth BMX bike type is an entry-level bike that performs well on the street, dirt, and park, thanks to its high-tensile steel frame. The metal is combined with an integrated headset and extended top tube to provide durability and lightweight.

Customers found this BMX bike to be reasonably priced, helpful in learning basic stunts, and well-built. Furthermore, the frames are strengthened at all locations, so there’s no need to worry about the pressures made from stunts. In Elite Stealth, a thick foam padded seat and a 170-mm Chromoly crank are excellent additions.


  • Lets you enjoy a smooth ride regardless of the road surface
  • Tires have a casing that’s sure to withstand pressures
  • Ensures your safety with the rear brakes
  • Easy to assemble


  • Customers find the weld not eye-catchy

10. Framed Verdict BMX Bike – Best for Terrain Surfaces

Framed Verdict BMX Bike
Editor’s Rating:  
4.0 rating


  • Frame material: : Hi-tensile steel frame
  • Dimension: : Not mentioned
  • Wheel size: : 20 inches
  • Brake system:: Framed alloy U-brake
  • Weight: : 25 lbs. (11.33 kg.)

Finally, the Framed Verdict BMX bike type has a high-tensile steel frame and fork with superb, long-lasting construction. As a result, it’s a capable bike for riding on a variety of terrains. Customers also like this bike because of its safety and convenience. It’s more of a freestyle bike than a race bike, allowing you to fly around on it.

Meanwhile, the Framed Verdict BMX bike has a framed alloy lever and brake, as well as a forged steel crank and a 9-tooth cassette. Most stunt-optimized motorcycles don’t have this problem. However, if you merely want a fun, comfortable, and safe ride, these specifications may be appropriate.


  • One of the durable, freestyle BMX bikes reasonably priced
  • Has a good customer service
  • Great traction and grip


  • Customers complain about the lack of tools when assembling the BMX bike

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