Bikes vs. Skateboards: The Pros and The Cons

It cannot be denied that bicycles and skateboards are cost-effective and efficient means of transportation. Aside from the fact that they do not add to pollution, both offer an athletic means to stroll around the city.

However, choosing between a bike and a skateboard is not easy. Several factors can influence your decisions, such as the skills and experience and how much you want to spend on a quality item.

Furthermore, these two rival transportation or sport means have their advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find bikes’ and skateboards’ unique characteristics against one another.

Benefits of Bicycles

Young woman preparing her folding bicycle outdoors

Easier to use.

Almost everybody knows how to ride a bicycle. Bikes are much easier to use than a skateboard because you won’t need any additional skills to learn cycling other than balancing. Although learning to ride a bike takes time, continuous practice would help you reach that moment where you’ll be pedaling and balancing at the same time. 

You just have to know the basics of cycling, and you’re good to go. Once you’ve figured out how to use one, you can upgrade your skills by learning tricks, such as slides, wheelies, stoppies, and bunnyhops.

More practical to use.

Bicycles are more practical and convenient to use than skateboards because they are easier to pedal and let you travel with ease. What is more, you can take bikes as your means of transportation for not so long distances. 

Bikes are much more suitable in terms of maximizing time. You can eliminate issues of road repairs or traffic accidents because you do not have to wait for them to be fixed or operated. You can effortlessly cycle your way to work.

You can cycle anywhere with a bike.

Bicycles are the best for cycling in rough terrains, uphills, or downhills compared to skateboards. Such bikes are built with durable and sturdy equipment that lets you cycle effortlessly, regardless of the road’s surface you’re taking on.

In addition, most bicycles have a built-in rack or basket where you can carry your groceries or stuff. Moreover, they are more useful when cycling to work or university. You can take your backpack, laptop, or books while cycling.

More equipped to deal with high speeds.

Bicycles can cater to different types of speeds. They generally have built-in speed rates and shifting gears that let you ride your way to your destination smoothly and conveniently. Plus, you can maneuver them any way you want, depending on your speed and gear needs.

For instance, geared bicycles allow you to change your gear depending on the road surface. You can easily make your rides more comfortable than skateboards because the latter do not let you accelerate faster on different terrains.

Nonetheless, average cyclists can perform at a speed of over 11 miles per hour when biking.

Great for longer distances.

Depending on your health and fitness level, bicycles are generally great for longer distances. You can go or travel on long-distance rides without exhausting you too much.

Good cardio workout.

Moreover, cycling also guarantees you a cardio workout that effectively strengthens your lower body, especially the glutes, legs, and hips. Biking is also considered a good exercise that is gentle on your lower back and knees.

Faster than walking.

Perhaps biking is among the more efficient means of transportation than any method, including walking!

Reports reveal that riding a bicycle is faster than walking. In fact, cycling is three times more rapid than walking. If it takes you a fifteen-minute walk to a convenience store, it would only take you three to four minutes of biking.

Further, it should not take you more than fifteen minutes to cycle a 45-minute walk elsewhere.

Drawbacks of Bicycles

Active senior woman using her mobile phone while out cycling.


Compared to skateboards, bicycles are more expensive because of the materials, controls, and customization involved. For instance, high-quality frame materials and premium components add up to a bike’s total manufacturing costs, influencing the product’s selling price. In actuality, an average bike would cost $300.

Although bikes and skateboards undergo quality control processes, bike manufacturers routinely evaluate the facilities to ensure only the best bikes make it to the market. Besides, cycles involve more customization process than skateboards.

Choose whatever you want, depending on your needs and preferences, and select the best bike that caters to your needs.

Portability issues.

Bikes generally have portability issues because they cannot be easily carried or moved (but folding bikes cater to this feature). In addition, traditional bikes are not as lightweight as skateboards, making them more painful to carry around or while climbing stairs. Nevertheless, carrying an 80-pound bike is a pain in the neck compared to skateboards.

Unexpected expenses.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of owning a bicycle is its maintenance. Most cyclists spend an average of $300 a year on their bike’s repair or maintenance cost, especially those using bikes as their means of transportation.

For instance, you will need to consider easy-to-replace items, such as the tires and pedal cleats. Besides, you will also need to consider replacing the chains, cables, brakes, and suspension components to ensure you are still getting the most out of your bike.

Benefits of Skateboards

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More fun to ride.

Skateboards are much more enjoyable to ride than bicycles. As such, skaters reveal the ultimate reason why skateboarding is addictive: there is such a feeling when skating while surfing the streets that riding a bike cannot offer.

Every terrain you face feels like you are riding on a wave. And each street gives you a unique feeling, challenge, and adrenaline that you cannot gain by biking.

After all, skateboards let you perform tricks way more than bikes. You would not get dull over time. Additionally, existing skate parks offer more fun and cool ways to enjoy skating. You will also meet people who share similar interests in skating.

Faster than running.

On average, skateboarding lets you move faster than running. For instance, you can perform 9 miles per hour, which is significantly better than running on foot. Furthermore, it will take you 6.6 minutes to travel a mile (considering the average speed mentioned).

Yet, you must consider that your inline skate speed plays an essential role in determining how long it would take you to travel a mile. Your route, road surface, and glides influence your rate. Moreover, these factors can extend the range of your destination with ease and versatility.

Easier to store.

Compared to bikes, skateboards are generally easier to store. Several lightweight skateboards online can fit inside your backpacks. 

If you are not using it, you can find cheap and easy ways to store a skateboard in your home’s comfort. As such, you can hang a skateboard on a wall, display it on a rack, or hang decks on a wall using a frame. Easy-peasy!

Less expensive.

Skateboards are generally cheaper than bicycles. In fact, you can get premium-made and quality skateboards for a few hundred bucks. 

The best part of this is that skateboards do not require as much maintenance as bikes. Skateboards have fewer parts, which means you do not have to replace components every now and then. 

As for the tires, it would take an average of three months (considering you are using the skateboard regularly) before the tires flattened. Skateboards’ tires are more durable, which indeed lasts a longer time.

You can carry a skateboard anywhere with you.

Since skateboards are more flimsy, you can carry them anywhere and anytime you want. This is a plus point because you have always got your ride beside you; place it on the floor, hop on it, glide your feet, and you are good to go.

Since skateboarding is not illegal, you are permitted to skate in different places, provided that the area allows you to do so. You can also experience a more convenient skate experience without any hassle.

Let your body exercise.

Similar to bikes, skateboarding is a great way to exercise your body. Skating provides fun activities that can burn your body calories depending on the intensity level. 

Skateboarding is considered a cardio workout, which helps strengthen your lower back, glutes, quads, and even your abs. It is also an effective exercise that provides your body with aerobic and anaerobic benefits.

Subsequently, skating is not bad for your knees either. Actually, this fun activity improves your joints, ligaments, and muscles, increasing your mobility and preventing knee pains.

Drawbacks of Skateboards

Little smiling boy and his mother are learning how to skate in the park on skateboard

Requires excellent skating skills.

Skateboarding is not easy as it seems because it requires a lot of skills involved aside from balancing abilities. Further, it is safe to say that skating is more complex than biking considering the amount of effort and time to practice moving and skating the board.

For you to learn skating, you need to know your phase and balance. All you have is your feet to push and stop your skateboard. Generally, it takes a long time to master skating skills as per professional skaters.

Not suitable for rough terrains or surfaces.

Not all skateboards are designed to withstand sloppy terrains or rough surfaces. Besides, skateboards are unsuitable for these types of surfaces.

A skateboard’s tires or wheels are not designed for friction, and skating on terrains can cause your wheels to lock. In this case, you would end up flying off your board.

If you still want to provide fun activities despite this disadvantage, consider having a skateboard with wheels that have a fast rebound. They provide the highest quality that lets you ride on terrains or rough surfaces.

More prone to accidents.

Unlike bikes, skateboards do not have brakes, making them among the dangerous sports to date. You would only be using your foot to run, slide, or stop your skateboard.

If you are a newbie, there is a greater chance you would be prone to more accidents. Skating can be dangerous in nature, especially when you lack the skills to maneuver and control your skateboard.

In addition, falling from a skateboard is much more painful than from a bike. You can get possible bruises, concussions, and lesions all over your body.

Some people see skaters as toxic.

Skaters are often found to be loud, especially when performing tricks on the street. Thus, this gives some observers a vibe that skaters are “toxic” and “boastful” because skating skills are not your typical abilities. 

Nevertheless, there are instances when skaters or skateboarders leave a bad reputation in the community. Some believe that skaters hanging out in public are up to no good. Some skaters often leave damaged property without actually replacing it.


Both bikes and skateboards offer a great experience but have significant differences when it comes to different functions. To sum up:

  • Skateboards are more enjoyable and cooler compared to bikes. The latter gets you bored over time with its little tricks, while skateboards let you freestyle your ride and perform extreme tricks. After all, there is nothing like surfing the streets!
  • Bikes are heavier in nature, so carrying them might not be convenient at all. Meanwhile, skateboards can be moved around the corner with ease and portability. Yet, bicycles are much more functional when going out for groceries since most bikes have built-in baskets.
  • Skateboards are much easier to store around your home’s corner. In actuality, you can hang them on your wall, store them in a rack, or slide them under your bed. Whereas bicycles need more space for storage.
  • In terms of physical benefits, cycling and skating deliver. Both are considered a good cardio workout that is good for your lower back, heart, and lungs.
  • When traveling long distances, riding a bike is a better option. Most bikes let you cycle for hours with less exhaustion. When discussing speed, bikes allow you to cycle an average of 11 miles per hour, while skateboards can go at a rate of 9 miles per hour.
  • Bikes are more expensive ($300 on average) than skateboards ($100 on average). Besides, bicycles have unexpected costs for maintenance, unlike skateboards.
  • Skateboards are more challenging to ride on, considering the tremendous amount of skills and effort to keep yourself balanced. Nonetheless, it is easier to cycle around the neighborhood.
  • Both means are risky, but bikes have shifting gears and brakes that make them safer than skateboards.