How Much Does a BMX Bike Cost?

Getting into a certain hobby, field, or craft can be economically challenging, depending on the requirement of the activity. In sports, although it requires mostly physical and mental dedication, it can get costly as well. Training equipment, supplements, coaching fees, and many other variables may contribute to how a particular sport can become expensive.

In the world of BMX bikes, expense depends heavily on the biker’s equipment – the bike. Today, BMX bikes can range from $150.00 to $4,000.00. The large gap between the lowest price for a BMX bike and the highest price can be determined whether the bike is “complete” or “built.” 

Complete BMX bikes are pre-built by the BMX bike company and usually are cheaper than built. Built BMX bikes are customized by the biker. They are more expensive because each bike’s components are individually picked.

Why Are Some BMX Bike Brands More Expensive?

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With almost everything available in the market already, competition is inevitable. This applies even to BMX bike production. The rising contention between brands in the market can cause them to drop their costs for the sake of returning profit. But some brands retained their pricing and even increased them, even though the market was saturated. 

The following factors affect why some BMX bike brands tend to be more expensive even in a competitive and saturated market. These are also the factors that an aspiring BMX bike rider should learn to get the best out of a budget and make sure that the bike fits their needs.

1. Materials used for the BMX Bike’s Frame

The quality of a BMX bike relies on the materials used in its parts. One of its components that requires reliable material is the bike frame. BMX bike frames must be lightweight, durable, and long-lasting to meet a biker’s general need.

In BMX bike frames, the better the quality of the material used, the more budget that a biker has to allot. Some of the materials used in making bike frames are steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium. The most expensive material among these is titanium.

A titanium BMX bike frame has an average cost of $1,900.00 today. This isn’t a typical material that most BMX bikers invest in. However, a large number of pro-bikers include titanium in their checklist. 

The titanium bike frame was first introduced to the market in the 1990s. Since then, titanium bikes have been adequate for a biker’s general need considered high-end bike frame material because of their lightness and strength compared to steel and aluminum. Other than that, titanium frames are expected to last for almost a lifetime.

Aside from the good qualities that titanium bike frames give, the other reason why it is more expensive than the other materials mentioned is that it is hard material to work with. Titanium requires a more specialized set of cutting, drilling, and shaving instruments to be molded into a great-quality bike frame. That alone makes it three times more expensive against aluminum bike frame labor. 

2. Number of Items Produced per Batch

Some brands and companies release limited edition products which cause the item to be quite expensive each. Production of a limited number of BMX bikes helps the manufacturers know if a specific line will give them a good profit. It also helps them determine if the product met the expectations of the market they aimed to sell the said line of products.

Aside from serving as a test batch, small-scale production of BMX bikes is normal because purchasing high-end materials can take a lot of time before meeting the actual number needed. Additionally, high-end materials (such as titanium) require more time and specialized manpower to be crafted into a bike component. This limits the manufacturer’s capability to mass produce as a result.

3. Tenure and Reliability of the Brand Name in the BMX Bike Production Industry

The reputation of a brand’s product or services dictates its longevity in the business. This is how brands, in general, thrive in the market. Brands like Sunday Bikes, We The People, Haro Bikes, Cult, and Fly have been producing quality BMX bikes for decades. These brands offer complete BMX bikes and produce individual bike parts and safety gear.

Below is a table showing the brands, the year they were established, and the most expensive BMX bike yet under their names.

Brand NameYear of EstablishmentMost Expensive BMX Bike under the Brand
Haro Bikes1980Lineage Air Master Bashguard 2021 – $1,599.99
Sunday Bikes
Sunday 2022 Soundwave Special Cassette BMX Bike – $1,369.99
We The People1996Wethepeople Envy 2021 BMX Bike – $1,169.99
Fly1999Omega Freecoaster – $905.11
Cult2010Cult 2022 Devotion BMX Bike – $569.99

What’s common about these brands is that they ensure that they provide the quality fitting for the price of the product they release. The market expects top-notch quality for bikes that exceed the average pricing, and that’s what they continuously deliver. 

Is There a Difference Between Buying a Cheap and Expensive BMX Bike?

Expensive BMX bikes have a lot of differences from cheap BMX bikes for a reason. Affordable BMX bikes are seldom entry-level, while expensive ones are chosen by the pro BMX riders most of the time. 

Although BMX bikes–whether cheap or expensive– have the same components, the number of gears, and general construction, there are still a lot of minor details that have to be reviewed. Some of these details are the longevity of the BMX bike components, maintenance of the bike, customizability of the bike, and the bike’s fitness to a BMX biker’s requirement.

Bikers new to the BMX biking world are advised to test the sport using an entry-level BMX bike. These BMX bikes typically range from $150.00 to $400.00, depending on the brand. 

Entry-level BMX bikes are generally made with steel components, the most traditional material used for creating bike parts. Steel is easy to work with for manufacturers. However, steel is heavy, requires keen maintenance, and tends to rust in the long run. 

Pro BMX bikers who prefer comfort, lightness, responsiveness, and lastingness put their money on the more expensive bike option. Expensive BMX bikes can range from $1,000.00 to $4,000.00. 

Most expensive ones have aluminum components, but it is also typical to see titanium material in components such as the frames, spokes, and rims. The main advantage of pro BMX bikers in building BMX bikes with titanium material is its lightweight, which helps maneuver the bike better. Also, its lifespan, which is more than what steel can offer.

Fun Fact #1: The Cheapest BMX Bike

Beginner-level friendly companies manufacture complete BMX bikes to help new bikers experience BMX biking without spending too much. Being inexpensive does not necessarily mean that the quality is thoroughly compromised. There are good BMX bikes that are affordable and can provide the experience needed by a new BMX biker to learn the sport.

As of this writing, the cheapest BMX bike in the market is the Diamondback Grind BMX bike costing $159.73. This BMX bike has steel components. It is made to be durable so that the biker can experiment on stunts. However, it was not made for easy maneuver as it is significantly heavy. And it does not have front brakes, which makes it not the safest BMX bike in the market.

Is it worth it? For its price and the durability it can offer in terms of tanking punishments from stunts, yes, the Diamondback Grind BMX bike is definitely a good deal. If a biker invests in this particular BMX bike, precautionary measures should be observed. 

Fun Fact #2:  The Most Expensive BMX Bike

Complete BMX bikes are less expensive than custom-built ones. That’s correct. The most expensive BMX bike is custom built and costs $3,285.95. This price was based on 2015, and definitely, it has increased since then.

For the complete BMX bike, the most expensive one is the Lineage Air Master Bashguard from Haro Bikes. This BMX bike costs $1,599.99, almost half the price of the most expensive built BMX bike. This bike uses Chromoly material for its components. 

Chromoly is a combination of chrome and alloy steel with a hint of carbon content. It is slightly heavier than aluminum. The good thing about this material is that it is easier to work with, which means it can be customized to be thinner for a better riding experience. For most intermediate and pro BMX bikers, Chromoly is next to titanium since they have the same properties but can be purchased at a more affordable price.

Is it worth the investment for this BMX bike? If a biker has the budget and sees himself in the sport for more than just a few years, this bike is an excellent investment. It requires less maintenance, gives better riding feels, and offers longevity.

Do BMX Bikes Last for Years?

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The material of the bike is a determining factor on whether the BMX bike would last. As mentioned previously, bikes made of high-end materials such as titanium tend to last longer than bikes made of steel.

Another factor that can determine the lifespan of a BMX bike is the way the biker maintains the bike’s health. If the biker knows enough about the bike’s maintenance, it is possible to prolong the bike’s lifespan. 

A good preservation practice such as regularly oiling the chains, adjusting the bike from time to time, and cleaning the components using the correct cleaning materials would help maintain a bike’s good health status. BMX bikes can last for years if taken good care of.

Is Getting a BMX Worth It?

All bike types, such as road bikes, cruisers, BMX bikes, etc., are created to cater to a specific market. BMX bikes fit bikes who are into getting complete control of their bikes. 

BMX bikes are dedicated to enduring rough rides on complex terrains and receiving punishments from aerial stunts and maneuvers. If a bike enthusiast is into experiencing the thrill of bike tricks, then getting a BMX bike is worth it. 

How to Identify a Genuine BMX Bike?

If you are new to the BMX bike world, it is possible to be misled by some sellers into buying a fake product. How do sellers do so? Simply selling a component made from a subpar material but then claimed to be a good material or from a specific brand. 

1. Buy Parts From an Actual Bike Shop or Manufacturer

Some custom bike builders tend to purchase bike parts from individuals to get a cheaper deal for an item that costs a lot more when purchased in-store. However, some of these transactions do not end positively to the biker.

To avoid being scammed by ingenuine products, the first tip is to buy bike parts, or the bike itself, from an actual bike shop. This way, you will be issued a warranty a proof of purchase, and you can make sure that the item you buy is made of the material it claims to be. 

2. Research the BMX Bike

The second tip is to research the material or BMX bike you invest your money into. A good background of the items to be purchased helps determine if the seller is offering a legitimate product. For example, if a frame shows hints of rust and the seller claims it to be made of aluminum, this isn’t correct. 

Aluminum is a material that does not rust, but it corrodes through time and lack of maintenance. Rust happens in metals such as iron and steel. Another example is by having a reference photo when inspecting a BMX bike. 

Some websites show good photos of their product. These can serve as good references when purchasing parts from third-party sellers. Be keen on the geometric makeup of the bike component, as BMX bikes aren’t generally made to be straight. Also, notice the brackets present. 

3. Determine if It Is Genuine or Not

BMX bikes have unique serial numbers which are made to identify the bike. It can generally be found at the bike’s bottom bracket, though some bikes have it on some other parts. Serial numbers are used by the manufacturer and bike shops to track the bikes in their inventory. 

A biker can ask for the serial number of the bike from the seller and have it checked to make sure that the product is legitimate. 

4. Consult BMX Bike Experts

Other than the tips above, a new BMX biker can consult experts in the BMX bike world. Experts have ways of identifying a good, authentic product just by seeing little details from them. This is an excellent way to learn about bikes as well. 

Should I Buy a Second-Hand BMX Bike?

In any second-hand item, a buyer should set proper expectations. Unlike when buying a brand new BMX bike, there’s no assurance that the bike isn’t abused. Also, the seller can hide defects from a potential buyer. These defects may occur later on the manifest as the bike is being used. 

Purchasing a second-hand BMX bike isn’t a bad idea. This is as long as the biker is aware of the age of the bike, the materials used for the bike, and if the bike can still function for its price. 

Usually, BMX bikers hunt for second-hand bikes for their still-good components. These components will then be used to ultimately build a new bike, which is possibly cheaper but still functions and new. A good scavenge will definitely lead to an excellent second-hand bike deal.

Best Places to Buy BMX Bikes Today

There are a lot of platforms offering great deals when purchasing items. There are dozens of shops online where a potential BMX bike buyer can canvas for reasonable offers. 

1. Online stores

Sites like Amazon and eBay are just platforms where buyers can browse assorted items, including BMX bikes. Sometimes, these sites offer vouchers for discounted items or shipping deductions. The good thing about purchasing BMX through online shops is that a buyer can do it in the comfort of his own home. The con is that it is possible to take time and that the item would arrive damaged due to shipping company mishandling. 

2. Bike Warehouse

Another best place to buy BMX bikes is a bike warehouse. Usually, warehouses offer items at lower prices because of their bulk supply. What’s good about buying from a warehouse is that buyers are given a lot of options to choose from, and they can test it right away.