Why Buy A Cruiser Bike? [7 Reasons Why YOU Need One]

There is nothing more enjoyable than riding around in style and comfort. This is what the Cruiser Bike offers in spades. You should definitely buy one if you wish to traverse the nearby environments. These also allow you to take in the views of the nearby areas, especially beaches where they are often found. 

A cruiser bike is a stylish way to go around. You can add as many accessories to this excellent transportation as you please. It adds customizability and furthers the ways you can use a bike. These will further the uses you can do with a cruiser bike!  Since this bike has a more streamlined design, it fares well no matter the weather. It also sports a comfortable seat that helps you take long cruises.

Uses of a Cruiser Bike

Everyone knows bikes, even at a young age. We learned that they are a quick way to get around, but the applications are so much more. The cruiser bike is no stranger to this, but its applications do wonders for everyone.

A cruiser bike is well known for its quirky design and is easy to customize. That’s not all this bike can do. Its flexibility makes it so you can complete other tasks while taking a ride. You can do this in tandem with another activity if you so wish.

First off, once you attach a basket to this bike, you have an easy way to carry packages. Most people use this to buy groceries. It’s also great for delivery services as it lets you save on gas while getting things done. Cycling is also a great cardio exercise you get while traveling around your area. 

We want to complete many tasks as fast as possible in today’s bustling world. You can do your groceries, have your dose of cardio and enjoy nature, all with a Cruiser Bike. 

A cruiser bike is the best bike for beaches with its many uses. It gained its popularity and name since it is great for cruising the beachside. You can take in the sights and breathe the fresh, crisp air this way. We take what relaxation we can get, which is a surefire way to get some.

In essence, cruiser bikes provide a variety of uses. It can range from the working class, the fitness buff, and those looking to relax. 

Reasons to Buy a Cruiser Bike

Credits to: @barbirezvisual

1. They are comfortable to ride

Cruiser bikes are famous for being the most comfortable bike around. Due to the many kinds available, you can be sure that there’s one that fits your needs. Be it those that wish to chill while taking a ride. Most bikes sacrifice comfort for speed. Some have smaller seats. There are bikes with a higher seat which causes your legs to stretch as though you’re standing.

There are a few variants of the cruiser bike. Each one has its own uses and is favored by specific demographics. One thing they have in common is their lower seats that let you sit upright and keep you at rest. One such variant is the “Stretch.” It is so named due to its longer than the standard frame, allowing you more room. The Stretch also boasts a lower seat which allows for more seat room. Its longer frame also causes the seat to be a bit lower, which gives you a feel as though you’re sitting at home.

While we know bikes to be for traveling around, it is always best to keep comfortable. There’s no better experience than chilling while you cruise around.

2. They are an excellent start for new cyclists

For budding cyclists, failure is a considerable challenge. If you don’t know how to ride a bike, you expect bruises and cuts. This is normal for some, but there are people deterred from cycling because of this. It is best to be your first bike with single-speed and thin frame.

A single-speed may not sound much, but it lets new users grasp the fundamental knowledge to ride a bike. This also lets you focus more on learning how to balance only. Learning to handle both speed and balance together is more complicated. That’s why it’s best to take it one at a time. 

You can also try to take it slow and seat yourself before moving to how to move in a bike. 

While the cruiser bike may not be as fast as bigger bikes, it helps new users by giving them enough speed to traverse. This, along with the knowledge of the road rules, plays a huge role in driving a bike safely. 

Riding a bike comes down to two main things: balance and speed. Both are best learned by riding a cruiser bike to keep riders safe. This still lets the rider breeze through the road and can start learning more complicated bikes.

3. They have a better range than other bikes

All bikes are helpful in their own regard. There are those great for rough roads; those are for paved roads. A cruiser bike offers the broadest range as it is best for paved and unpaved roads. It also provides a broader selection of wheels that can work for rainy and sunny days.

Cruiser bikes are a common sight on beaches. This only showcases that it’s excellent on sandy terrain. Its small frame and replaceable tires let you ride free anywhere. That said, if you wish to go on the road, you need not change the wheels. You can get back on the open road as soon as you get off the sandy beaches.

Bikes can be great for traveling long distances over a short period while saving up on gas. The cruiser bike can provide you a swift mode of transportation without tiring you out. That’s why its uses surpass most other bikes. You can never go wrong with a cruiser bike in a grand cityscape or countryside. It is useful anywhere.

4. They are easy to maintain

There are specific ideas about cycling necessary for beginners. Maintaining a bike is one of them. A bike is often moving but learning how to keep it moving is another thing. The cruiser bikes have the same main components as other bikes.  Since the bike is easy to maintain, budding cyclists can learn precisely what keeps a bike going.  Applying this knowledge to other bikes will be easier.  

Since a cruiser bike has fewer components than other bikes, this helps you better care for it. You can keep your bike moving with a simple change in chains or a quick swap of tires. 

For those experienced, though, you need not buy many new parts or go to the repair shop too often. You can repair the bike yourself should anything happen to it. If not, having less to take care of will definitely save you a lot of money.

5. They help you get active

To date, working from home and staying inside is tantamount to our safety. It’s hard to go out and even harder to get sick. We must all take care of our physical and mental health. A cruiser bike can definitely help with both.

Riding a cruiser bike will get you places and get you that much-needed cardio. A healthy heart is always a great investment, and as they say, there’s no price for good health. Having a cruiser bike and riding it around every day is not only excellent but excellent for your body. 

Whether you’re a fitness buff or a regular Joe trying to stay healthy, a cruiser bike is best for you. It will get your heart pumping more oxygen in your body, and you can also do this along with other tasks. Some deliver specific parcels to friends or family. Riding a bike helps you complete that task while still getting your daily cardio workout. In our busy everyday lives, saving time is very important.

If you want to stay healthy and fit, running is a great exercise. A cruiser bike is exactly what you need if you want to get things done while staying healthy.

6. They have plenty of space

If what you want is space, then look no more. A cruiser bike is waiting for you. You get more space than regular bikes. If you fit it with extra accessories, you can also increase its capacity.

The cruiser bikes and their variants are also famous for their spacious design. Since it’s made to carry more than only the rider, it has a broader area that you can move into a cycle in any manner you want. Its spacious area also lets you add more style to the bike. These include fenders and lights. While most bikes have a straightforward design, a cruiser bike lets you customize it as you wish.

To maximize the bike’s space and for the best chill ride, you can add beach bike accessories. For example, you can add a wicker basket to fill it with picnic supplies. You can also add a cup holder, handlebar flowers, a pet carrier so you can bond with your fur baby anywhere. These types of accessories are most accommodating to cruiser bikes.

A quick way to get around without sacrificing your space and comfort, that’s what a cruiser bike is. Should you want to add more to your everyday life, it’s definitely the one for you.

7. They are perfect to use on gravel and beach roads

None of us are strangers to traveling on paved roads. It’s the most accessible and common way to move in. While cars are great for traversing those paved roads, they aren’t relatively as easy to use on the beach. That’s one talent the cruiser bike possesses. You can go from riding by the beach and back on the road in a flash. 

Due to its customizable wheels, you can fit it with those better suited for what you need. By default, cruisers are for beaches and are best used to take in the sights. Bikes for the beach keep beginners in mind and serve more experienced riders. Fitted with large balloon tires, otherwise known as fat tires, create a slow, smooth ride. 

Balloon tires are wide, 2” to 4.7” wide on average. These balloon tires are low-pressure and low-maintenance tires. Since the tires are this thin, it rolls with ease no matter the terrain. This lessens the discomfort for the rider. It also prevents the bike from bouncing around too much to protect the parts from wear and tear. 

The cruiser bikes let you enjoy anywhere you wish to go by giving you the freedom to ride. This design offers freedom and preserves the bike, so it doesn’t break.

Advantages of a Cruiser Bike

In everything we’ve discussed before, you can find all the advantages of having a cruiser bike. While we have listed many great things about it, there are too many to give a section of their own.

A cruiser bike is the most stylish bike around. If you want to strut your stuff and design it as you will, you will have a good time. It offers a wide variety of knick-knacks. Most of which are available at every shop since it’s so common to customize the cruiser. 

You don’t need any special shoes to get the hang of riding the cruiser bike. You can be rushing out and not worry if you are wearing the right stuff. Keep in mind that safety equipment is always necessary. 

In general, the cruiser bike is for everyone and for every situation. It’s a great stepping stone for more complicated bikes. If you wish to stay comfortable, you can still use it like a pro. It’s a great bike all around, no matter the rider or the place.