Beddgelert Forest cycling map

Rooting around my image files recently, I found a map of the Beddgelert Forest in Snowdonia, North Wales. As I cycle in the forest several times each year with my brother, I know the routes quite well, but the map still comes in useful. The junctions between the various tracks are marked with small timber posts, each with a separate number, making route navigation very easy even when the forest is shrouded in mist. It isn't huge but it's a wonderful place to cycle, suitable for families as well as people like me who enjoy an uphill slog followed by a fast and thrilling descent.

Beddgelert Forest cycling map

Our favourite route begins in the village of Beddgelert, taking the Caernarfon road which climbs gently northwards, past the camp site a bit further up, until a track forks left towards the forest (marker 89 on the map). At 51 we turn left into the forest proper, still climbing, then right at 63. By now we're pretty high up but the track continues to rise to 47 and 41. The highest point is on the loop round to 36. It tales perhaps 30 to 40 minutes to reach this point, but from here, one can be back in Beddgelert in less than 15, beginning with 34, 33, 70, and 71, going round the top side of the lake. In the photo of my bike, below, the post is marked 13, but the photo was taken at the viewpoint numbered 74, I think, or perhaps 76. I'll check next time I'm there.

Bike in Beddgelert Forest

The rest of the downhill follows 15, 16, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 back at the camp site, from where we take the road back down to Beddgelert. What makes the descent such a thrill is the tracks themselves. They're wide enough for vehicles and surfaced with loose slate gravel, and they curve and dip, then rise again, then dip, mostly surrounded by trees but occasionally breaking through to a viewpoint before plunging into forest again. As you whizz down, the only sound is noise of your tyres crackling over the slate, sending fragments of stone in all directions as you skid across bends in the track. This is not a long ride. It can easily be done before breakfast or after a day walking in the hills, but it's one we look forward to time after time. If you don't have a suitable bike, you can hire one at Beddgelert Bikes, located in the forest itself.

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4 comments on “Beddgelert Forest cycling map”

  1. Keith wrote:

    Hi, in Beddgelert a few days ago and found the forest map shown here to be out of date, they seemed to have replaced most of the marker posts and renumbered them! ... dont know if Beddgelert bikes has a up to date one.

  2. Patrick wrote:

    You're right. I noticed that. My bike is shown against marker post number 13 and that is number 76 on the map. I'll be going there next April and see if I can get an updated version. I'd be surprised if one exists. I suppose I could ride to every post and check the number.

  3. David wrote:

    Having recently moved to the area I have just started cycling Beddgellert forest. I think the numbers on your map are correct. I come from the north by bike then do a similar circuit to you. If you like single track then the path from 34 to 66 is superb and quite technical. I come down this and circle back up via 63,etc. I've been up to 38 today – hellova slog – and it links back to 42. Another good loop. I intend trying the path back down from 25 to 17 next weekend if the weather isn't too windy as it looks like great single track too

  4. George Hutchinson wrote:

    7 Feb 2014
    I was walking round the Beddgelert Forest yesterday and I can confirm that the above map is out of date and that all the junctions have been renumbered in the last year or so. Although our walking group is fairly familiar with the area and other forests in the Snowdonia area we find it is important to "map read" all the way the main problem of course is that new tracks are regularly opened up to facilitate logging and these do not show up on your maps. There is a new multi user trail which starts opposite the Rhyd-Ddu car park and goes all the way to Beddgelert, it is well signposted with blue capped posts. Some sections are brand new but other sections use the existing forest tracks, some new sections are diversions to the previous "right of way" which can be confusing as your maps do not show these. A member of our walking group went into the tourist information office in Beddgelert a few weeks ago but at the time they didn't have any up to date maps of the Forest.

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