Sky Ride Hull 2011

Just got back from the first Sky Ride Hull (not to be confused with one of those Big Skies Bike Rides) so a quick post and a few photographs. I did enjoy cycling round Hull city centre, and got a bit of a childish thrill in not getting a £30 fine for the pleasure of doing so. There were a lot of smiling faces, including mine, and all sorts of bikes about in this, officially the fourth best cycling city in the country.

Anyway, here are a few images:

Sky Ride Hull 2011

Waiting for the start of Sky Ride Hull 2011

Sky Ride Hull 2011

Keep your notepad holstered, officer

Sky Ride Hull 2011


Sky Ride Hull 2011

Circling The Deep

Sky Ride Hull 2011

"Is it going on Facebook?"

Sky Ride Hull 2011

Mind the cobbles

Sky Ride Hull 2011

Definitely mind the cobbles

Sky Ride Hull 2011

"Are we nearly there, yet?"

Sky Ride Hull 2011

Back at the start in Queen Victoria Square

Some more pictures...

6 comments on “Sky Ride Hull 2011”

  1. Patrick wrote:

    I enjoyed the photos Chris. Colours seem more vibrant with your new camera (I've noticed this in other posts too). Were you riding your Dahon Piccolo?

  2. Chris wrote:

    With hindsight I should have checked the route, stood at strategic positions to take photographs when there was a greater volume of cyclists, then rode the route for myself later. Instead I just found a place and rode along with everybody else. I enjoyed it, even though I was cycling along slower than I would have been had I shared the road with motor vehicles. Nice not to have to stop at red lights, though 🙂 It was great to see such a mixture of cyclists of all ages and abilities riding along together. And smiling.

    I had intended to take the Dahon, but in a moment of madness I got out my 80s gear, put the wheels on my Raleigh Road Ace and set off on that. However, after two laps over the cobbles on my skinniest wheels I'd had enough!

  3. Hilary wrote:

    Yes, nice to see a wide range of cyclists out enjoying themselves. You even got sunshine for it too!

  4. Chris wrote:

    Yes it was baking hot. Especially for me in my long-sleeved deliciously retro ensemble – or looking "ridiculous" according to Mrs Bailey. Here is a British Cycling Flickr slideshow with many more photographs from the day.

  5. Mary wrote:

    HOw long was the route Chris? I take it the roads where closed to traffic on this day? Its great to see such fun on a bike, folk getting air into their lungs and burning some energy.

    LOVEd the Penny! Did he ride it, or was it just there for the moment?

    Did you HAVE to wear one of those jacket? More than enough yellow for me. 🙂

  6. Chris wrote:

    Oops! Forgot to reply, Mary. The route was 6.2km long and was closed to traffic from 10.00am (actually earlier) to 4.00pm, although pedestrians skipped through gaps between the barriers.

    I'm not sure that the chap in my photograph rode his Penny Farthing, but someone told me later that there were two of them out on the route later in the day.

    I think we were encouraged to wear one, but I didn't. Some others who didn't either still managed to stuff a vest in to a rear pocket on their jerseys. Mrs Bailey told me I should have picked one up, especially as I lost mine recently, but I don't think they were as breathable as the (running) version I had.

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