Wintry Weather in the Windy Wolds

The only person to turn up today for one our club's three planned rides (apart from me) was a chap who had driven to the start in case anyone else fetched up for his ride. He explained that everyone had been informed by telephone that the ride was cancelled. (I didn't expect that any of our 'brisk' group would be out, so I thought I'd join another one). In the end I had to agree that it was an effective method because we didn't see any more cyclists while we chatted for a while.

Cottingham diners

Not really the weather for alfresco dining

All was not lost because I had a back up plan to tag along with another group of cyclists on a ride starting an hour later, and have a coffee at their meeting place while I waited. And waited, and waited...


Checking the weather this morning

The forecast earlier in the week was not good. It got better, but there would still be a strong easterly wind. A familiar face turned up in his civvies. It was Charlie, who had driven to the start in case anyone else did. He explained that everyone had been informed by Facebook that the ride was cancelled.

After a natter we left and I thought about giving up and going home. But then I changed my mind. I would put a little loop in. So I set off towards Newbald thinking that I would drop down on the 'B' road and come back up via Trundlegate. That was still my intention when I picked myself off the roadside after going down in slow motion on an icy patch. A car overtook me and further up the road turned round and came back the same way. And then I saw why:


No way through. There is a road under there somewhere

Oh, well. I had given it a go. I returned downhill to Walkington and battled in to a headwind. Earlier in the day I had topped 27mph on the flat travelling westward to the start. My moving average for today's little ride was below 14mph after spenging most of the time chatting or drinking coffee. My shortest ride in ages, but I'm glad I made it out.

5 comments on “Wintry Weather in the Windy Wolds”

  1. Kern wrote:

    Going down in slow motion on an icy patch is no fun. Good photos. You're sure there's a road under there?

  2. Charles Rispin wrote:

    Now you can see the advantage of sharing information online via Facebook. All abilities are welcome to ride with us at Cottingham Road Club.

  3. Hilary wrote:

    Those road conditions look dreadful. Well done for getting out at all!

  4. Chris wrote:

    Hi, Kern. I realise that our little drifts can't compare to the white stuff you get over in Canada, but parts of the UK have had a great deal of snow. We're quite lucky actualy, with areas to the north and west having a harder time.

    The thing is, Hilary, that earlier on in my ride the roads looked as though they had been vacuum cleaned, and beautifully edged. Then as I crossed the last 'B' road I moved a that bit further away from the villages at the southern tip of the Wolds and that bit higher.

    As I said to you yesterday, Charlie, you lot may well be on Facebook, but me – I'm on my bike. I know which I'd prefer 🙂 (Admittedly I ruined the moment by falling off my bike then cycling in to a snow drift, but hey ho.)

  5. Patrick wrote:

    Big drifts around here. Many feet high in some places and yet the fields have no snow lying on them at all.

    Well done Chris.

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