Where am I?

Hello everyone in Cycle Seven Land! Sorry I’ve not visited for ages.

Where have I been?
What have I been doing?

Cycling has been intermittent to say the least. The last long/decent/interesting ride I had was on 1st March when I took a lift to near Truro, spending the day cycling home via the south coast of Cornwall.

This is at St Mawes Castle on the south coast with Pendennis Castle in the distance across Falmouth Bay. I came down through Truro and the little lanes to the coast.

I followed as close as I could get to the coast as you can see here. This sandy little ford was across a (freshwater) stream, but the hill the other side must’ve been 33%. My wheels were caked in wet sand and rubbed on the inside of my mudguards making the climb even harder! I had to stop half way up, get my breath, knock some sand off, and try again! Eventually, I made it to Mevagissey – and stopped for late lunch. From there, I made my way through St Austell and Lostwithiel to home. Great ride of 85miles, but really tough with some awfully steep hills.

Since then, Easter came. Hilary loves to do something during her time off school, so we booked a last-minute deal for a cruise! Only a week in the western Med, but a cruise nonetheless. We had a great time visiting Corsica, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Toulon and Barcelona. Excellent time! Ate and drank – and spent – too much!

We came back to awful weather. It had been ok when we left, but we were greeted with a return to winter. Cold, damp and dreary. Not conducive to enjoyable cycling at all so I only managed the odd ride.

During a brighter spot, I attempted to mend a stone wall. It was job that’d hung around for a while so I thought I may as well get off my bum and do it. Boots, overalls, gloves – even a hat! – and off I went. Just as I’m getting the last stone in position, it traps my RH pinkie finger. I swore! I didn’t half hurt for a second or two, then it went completely numb. The stone was so heavy I couldn’t lift it, but I was able to get my finger out and I pulled off my glove expecting the worst. Luckily, my finger was still attached but what do I do next?

Hilary was at school, no-one about, I walked up to the house, into the kitchen and wrapped loads of kitchen roll round my finger, climbed into the car, out of the gate and drove the half mile to the health centre – one handed. What else? Phone 999?

Long story short, and three weeks later, my finger is mending – but slowly. It took me nearly a fortnight to be able to ride my bike. The vibration on the ‘bars and trying to grip and brake was terribly uncomfortable and over bigger bumps downright painful.

This was my finger after about a week. It doesn’t look much different than this now, but it’s feeling so much better and I can just about use it without pain, though I’m not about to go and finish the wall – I can hardly look at it without wincing!

It absolutely amazed me how much I use my little fingers. I’ve almost been incapacitated because of it – I’m very right-handed and using my left hand for many things has been an effort. I wore a bandage for a week and a half, having the dressing changed daily by the nurses. They’ve signed me off for the present, but when the nail starts to come off and the scabbing peels, I may/will need more attention.

Any road up, I’ve been managing to get out and ride a couple of times, and yesterday I managed a hilly 40miler, but getting home very tired indeed. Funny how the fitness and stamina drops away!

Hopefully, I’ll soon be fit and well to carry on doing what I do best – CYCLING – not building stone walls, and keeping in touch with you lot here.

Keep well, and best regards to all